Bringing to Life the Stories Between Songs


Today I am thrilled to (finally!) share a bit of insight into what I’ve been stealthily building for the past year. I’d like to introduce The Coda Collection, which our team is excited to officially launch next month.

The Power of Music

For as long as I can remember, I have been consistently and completely amazed by the power of music. Songs can inspire and commemorate, reflect and resonate, harness and heal. Songs can speak to us, and speak for us… indeed, music can do most anything.

But while songs will always…

Even though countless articles have been written about Disney+’s jaw-dropping success and the valuation of over $100 billion that it is estimated to have amassed thus far for its streaming services, I believe that most articles still miss what success really looks like for Disney’s foray into the streaming wars.

And, despite all the murmurings about what many see as a surprisingly-low price for Disney+, I also believe that the best move for Disney would be to offer the service for free. Not just free-for-Verizon-customers free, but free-for-everybody free.

Most importantly, I believe that the reasons behind Disney’s true motivations…

As the songs of the summer, “Old Town Road” and “Bad Guy” defied both demography and gravity as they stayed popular for months amongst, well, nearly everyone. But what helped drive the unceasing ubiquity of these hit songs? And what might this all mean for how marketing needs to evolve? For the answers to these questions, it’s helpful to add a 19th Century poet into the mix.

Truth and Slant

Taylor Swift has written yet another chapter in her must-read playbook for modern marketers.

As Lover soared to the top of the charts, Taylor notched her sixth consecutive album to hit #1 on the charts. This feat is increasingly impressive the more you dig into it. Taylor was able to sell (yes, actually sell) a whopping 679,000 units in her first week, harkening back to the flush economics of the CD era. She’s drawn over a million fans to follow her Spotify playlist, bending the laws of physics of streaming sites. …

10.7 million live “attendees,” and over 41 million views of the official recap

When Marshmello played a live show to nearly eleven million people in the virtual environs of Pleasant Park in Fortnite back in February, it reverberated throughout the music world. But the impact of this moment goes far beyond the music industry, as this was more definitive evidence that brand positioning as we’ve known it is perilously obsolete.

Re-Defining Concerts and Merch

To be clear, the implications of the Marshmello moment are terrifying for the traditional music industry. If I were Live Nation, nowhere near the promotion for a concert that had eleven million attendees, I would seriously shook by what…

Here’s the mid-month mix (click here if you’re an Apple Music person; grab the screenshot if not)

Running mixes pose considerable challenges for music fans. For even the most musically omnivorous, the desire for that reliable jolt of adrenaline is a gravitational pull that seems to land all running playlists in the same heap of well-worn jock jams.

As someone who has spent the summer aspiring to run both every morning and to go farther than usual, the sameness of “running music” becomes a more acute problem. Kanye and Kendrick, you’ve been my reliable companions on the running trail for years now, but… well, we just need some time apart. …

It’s such a simple question, to the point of being insulting to some (what do you mean, you think I don’t know what business I am in?). Yet I’ve found the right answer to this question to be one of the most meaningfully missing pieces in many businesses.

Most companies default to defining themselves by what it is (they think) they make: if you make hammers, you’re in the hammer business. If you make advertising, you’re in the advertising business. If you make music, you’re in the music business. This thing-focused thinking pervades most every industry, even as folks like…

For as long as I can remember, music has had the power to help me experience the world in new ways.

When I was growing up, music provided many of the building blocks from which I started to build my identity. Starting with the first mix tapes I made off of the radio and the first album I bought with my own money, songs and the conversations they sparked helped me start to figure out the world around me and what I thought about it all.

As I grew up a bit and further immersed myself in music, I was…

John Greene

Father, husband, builder, strategist, optimist. Inspired by music, insatiably curious, and always in search of adventure.

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